33 Things About My Life That Won’t Change Your Life

Hello, my name is Paige! I want to welcome you to my first ever blog. I am so excited that you are here! I spent a lot of time thinking of something to blog about. I read many articles about blog topics/themes and still didn’t know what to write about. I was thinking to myself… What am I really good at? Cooking–No. Technology–No. Fitness–No. Any hobbies? Not really. So, I still have nothing.

Finally, today, a lightbulb turned on in my head! I was checking something off of my to do list for the day and one of the last things on there was ‘post on blog’. I love making lists; I have lists for everything! It’s something I am really good at, so why not embrace my wonderful talent and passion and just make more lists!

Before I start I want to show you the oldest list I still have in my possession, written when I was 6 years old (I really have been writing lists my entire life):

So here it goes… 33 things about me

  1. Paige actually isn’t my first name, it’s my middle name
  2. Rylee is my first name
  3. When I was 12 I decided I wanted everyone to call me by my middle name because it was a girl’s name and Rylee was a “boy’s name”
  4. My nickname is P or PB
  5. I am 22
  6. I have a chocolate lab named Lucy, who thinks she is about 50 pounds lighter than she actually is (she’s passed out on my lap snoring at the moment)
  7. Recently I found out that Lucy is allergic to house dust and many other things I have little control over
  8. From the time I started talking until I was about 6 I had an accent; we don’t know where it came from or what it was but I had my own way of saying things
  9. This summer I got engaged!
  10. When we get married my initials will be PP
  11. My fiancé just had surgery on his shoulder and three weeks ago broke his foot
  12. I just gave him 2 percocets to knock him out for a few hours so that I could write this post (kidding but not kidding)
    *Update: It worked*
  13. I love A&W root beer
  14. I went backpacking through Thailand this summer
  15. While in Thailand I fell in love with scuba diving
  16. I am now an Advanced Open Water Diver through SSI, which means I can dive anywhere in the world up to 30 meters
  17. I love grilled cheese sandwiches
  18. I am taking Child Studies at Mount Royal University
  19. I drive a baby blue Nissan Versa (this girl drives standard)
  20. Although I don’t play any sports I have two Calgary Flames jerseys, an Indianapolis Colts jersey, and a Team Canada jersey to support my favourite teams (I still need a Blue Jays jersey)
  21. I work at a drug and alcohol addiction centre for adolescents (aka, never a dull moment)
  22. Right now I really want a McDonalds Oreo McFlurry
  23. On my PVR you would find: SNL, The Bachelor (Juan Pablo=yummy), The Good Wife, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon #lololololololololololololol
  24. I wear my contacts longer than I should
  25. Lucy (my dog) gets really excited when she hears the word ‘Jose’
  26. I can’t cook
  27. I can make a wicked fruit dip
  28. Favourite movies: Footloose & Grease
  29. I have Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop stuck in my head
  30. My Zodiac sign is Scorpio; whatever that means, I don’t really care.
  31. I just watched this funny video, you should watch it too!
  32. I am terrified of spiders; I can’t look at pictures of them, I don’t like talking about them, I can’t even kill a spider because I am too afraid to get that close to it and I am afraid that if I suck it up with the vacuum it will crawl out and seek revenge
  33. I originally wanted to do 100 things about me but let’s be honest, I don’t want to write that many things and you probably don’t care to read 77 more of these so I’ll stop here at 33

Thank you so much for letting me share this with you. Now it’s your turn! Do we share some of the same interests or experiences?



About Paige B.

I'm 22, recently engaged, and currently completing a Child Studies degree at Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB. I enjoy travelling, my most recent adventure was to Thailand where I fell in love with scuba diving. I love working with children, and for the most part I live a pretty simple life! View all posts by Paige B.

4 responses to “33 Things About My Life That Won’t Change Your Life

  • JWedde

    I haven’t spent much time with you so I really didn’t know anything on your list! What a great way to organize and share information. I am curious what your next list will consist of?!?

  • Claire Anne Woodward

    I love your list! It is just filled with everyday things, but it really speaks about who you are as a person! I have never been scuba diving, but I would love to! I am not scared of spiders at all, well at least not small ones, when it comes to tarantulas I am done. Awesome list Paige!

  • Olivia

    Some exp. we have in common : I lived in Thailand for a few years and love it to bits, I was too little to learn scuba diving, but Thailand has the bestest beach ever! (Note: I am from Taiwan not Thailand, two very different countries in Asia )

    P.S., I will always remember how amazing that fruit dip tasted from one of the potluck we had … Or the only potluck we had ?

    P.S.2., I used to be terrifies of spiders but thanks to my best friend and a particular dancing peacock spider, I now find some adorable.

    Great start to your blog Paige, I can’t wait to see what other lists and thoughts you will be sharing.

  • deanburles

    Love this blog site,,BTW, you also have a PA Raiders jersey.

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